RestoTracker Success Box

The no-risk way to experience how RestoTracker can benefit your business

Do you want to experience first hand and risk-free how RestoTracker can help you run your restoration business more efficiently and more profitably?

The RestoTracker Success Box includes everything you need to fully implement RestoTracker in your own test environment without any cost or risk. The kit includes two communicators, two Bluetooth tags, a Bluetooth barcode reader, and 14 days of unlimited RestoTracker Bluetooth, GPS and Cellular service — all at no cost to you.

Test Drive

Give RestoTracker a Test Drive in Your Environment

Simply pay a 100% refundable deposit of $595 for the RestoTracker Success Box. You will be able to experience the convenience of knowing the location of all your equipment, vehicles and employees in near-real-time. You will get Time on the Job reports for both equipment and employees. When you’re done testing the system, simply return the RestoTracker Success Box with the included prepaid shipping label and you’ll receive 100% of your deposit back.

It’s Easy to Set Up The RestoTracker Service Yourself

Use our pictorial guide or have one of our Success Advocates guide you through the process. Once you have seen how well RestoTracker works for your company, you can then order the number of RestoTracker Bluetooth Tags and Communicators needed to use the system to track all of your equipment, vehicles, and employees in your day-to-day business operations.

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