Track your Valuable Equipment | Resto Tracker

We Track It So You Don’t Have to Log It

Taking Restoration Companies into The Digital Age

RestoTracker is a modern asset tracking  and management system that enables restoration companies to:


Eliminate logging and reduce paperwork

Minimize lost or stolen inventory

Accelerate payments and win more audits

RestoTracker allows restoration companies to keep track of their highest value assets – equipment, vehicles and employees – without the manual drudgery of logging.

How Does RestoTracker Work?

Simple, Advanced, Low-Cost Wireless Technology

RestoTracker is a low-priced solution that automatically tracks and electronically logs equipment, employees, and vehicles — delivering savings and value that far surpass its costs. Your assets will be tracked automatically leaving you more time and money to grow your business.

Automatically keep track of equipment, vehicles, and employees

Record the location of assets in near-real time with NO LOGGING!

Eliminate the need for a separate telematics systems to track vehicles

The Information You Need at Your Fingertips

With the RestoTracker Portal, near-real time data feeds and customizable reports let you always know which equipment, vehicles and employees are — or were at any past point in time — at a job site.

Vehicle tracking replaces the need for telematics

RestoTracker’s in-vehicle Communicator provides real-time GPS position and Mapping Service Reports for vehicle movement and events (for example, Start Ignition, Start/Stop, Route, Trip). This eliminates the need for a separate telematics system for tracking trucks.

Always-on equipment location tracking

RestoTracker’s use of a long-life battery-operated job-site Communicators and Tags allows the location of equipment to always be recorded, whether in a warehouse, vehicle, or job site. This is accomplished without the need for power or communications from the site.

Employee location and time on job site tracking

RestoTracker provides employee location tracking using an employee’s Android or iOS phone or tablet. The system records each time an employee enters or leaves a job site. This automatic reporting of an employee’s time at the site enables log-less tracking of employee time on site.

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