RestoTracker Success Box




We send the ‘RestoTracker Success Box’ direct to your door, with two communicators, two bluetooth tags, bluetooth barcode reader, bluetooth dongle, cable and instructions. It includes 30 days of unlimited RestoTracker, Bluetooth, GPS and Cellular service all at no charge to you. Simply pay a 100% refundable deposit for the ‘RestoTracker Success Box’. You will be able to experience what it’s like to know the whereabouts of all your Equipment, Vehicles, and Employees in near-real time. You will have ‘Time on Job Reports’ for both Equipment and Employees. When your done, simply return the RestoTracker Success Box’ to us at no charge to you with the included prepaid shipping label for 100% return of your RestoTracker Success Box Deposit.

RestoTracker Success Box Includes:
2 Communicators
2 Bluetooth Tags
1 Bluetooth Barcode Gun
Bluetooth Dongle
30 days RestoTracker Service
Return Shipping Label